Inger Blix Kvammen

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9912 Hesseng
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The Sami Artist Union, SDS
The North Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, NK
The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, NK



1973-78           Cand.mag. at The University of Bergen in biology, chemistry 
                           and social science
1982                  Art studies at Alta University College
1985                  Pedagogical studies at The University of Tromsø
1994                  Art history at The University of Bergen
1995                  Norwegian for Foreigners at Alta University College

Artist in Residency

1999                 Artist in Residence at San Diego State University, Fine Art Dep
                          San Diego, California. Invited by prof. and artist Arline M. Fisch

Workshops/ Short cources in the art field

2007               Cource for artists arranged by Public Art Norway and The Art
                         Academy in Oslo about Public Art
2004               Short Cource for professional artists at Kunsthøyskolen in
                         Bergen, Photoshop, digital photoes
2003               Short cource for professional artists at Kunsthøyskolen in
                         Oslo. Photo /metal
2001               3 shorter periods together with curator and jewellery artist
                        Barbara Cartlidge, the owner and director of Electrum Gallery,
                        London, for more than 30 years
2000/2001  2 short cources in London working at Silver Alchemy`s Cource
                        Centre with Precious Metal Clay
1999/2001    Several shorter periods with intensive cources at The
                         University of Central England, Birmingham, under  Richard
                         Witek and Dean Norman Cherry
1989/1990    Several shorter periods at the studio
                         of the goldsmith Liv Runningen, Oslo

Solo Exhibitions, selected

2013                The North Norwegian Artist Centre, Svolvær, Norway
2013                Murmansk Regional Art Museum, Russia
2012                Galleri Apotheket, Stokmarknes, Norway
2010                RIM- remake, The Finnmark County House, Vadsø
2008               RIM, Tromsø Art Association, Tromsø, Norway
2007                Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
2006                Konstens Hus, Luleå, Sweden
2004                Textile Metals, Galleri Brevik, Tromsø, Norway
2002                Expo Arte, Oslo, Norway
2001                Electrum Gallery, London
2001                Lillehammer Art Association, Lillehammer, Norway
2000               Images of the North, San Francisco
1999                Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
1998                Electrum Gallery, London
1998                Galleri Tablå, Bergen, Norway
1997                 Expo Arte, Oslo, Norway
1996                 Eiker Art Association, Hokksund, Norway
1995                 Lillehammer Art Association, Lillehammer, Norway
1993                 With Roots in the North, Norwegian Russian Art
                          Centre, Kirkenes, Norway
1992                  With Roots in the north. Galleri Vognremissen, Oslo

Group Exhibitions/ Collective Exhibitions, selected

2012                KIRUNA-EXHIBITION 2012, Juried exhibition, Kiruna,
2011                MUITIT, SDS Exhibition, Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
2010               RYSSEN KOMMER! (The Russians are coming!)
                         Havremagasinet, Boden, Sweden
2009               Jewellery- What`s it all about ? Curated by Barbara Cartlidge,
                         Electrum Gallery, London
2009               Being a Part, Sami Artists Unions 30-th Anniversary,
                         A curated Travelling Exhibition
2009               20-years Anniversary Exhibition, Expo Arte, Oslo
2008               Construction, Contemporary Arts and Crafts,
                          International Travelling Exhibition
2008               North Norwegian Contemporary Art Trienale 2008,
                         International Travelling Exhibition
2008               Contemporary Crafts, JRB Gallery, Oklahoma City, USA
2008               Sami Daida- Dala Kulturarbi?- Sami Art- A Contemporary
                         Heritage? Rovaniemi, Finland
2007               Crocheted Wire Jewelry. Mobilia Gallery, Boston, USA
2006      Anniversary Exhibition, Electrum Gallery, London
2006               In a Box, Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
2006               North Norwegian Artist Centre, Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway
2006               SOFA Chicago, with Mobilia Gallery, Chicago, USA
2006               Objects of Desire Gallery, Loisville, Kentucky, USA
2005               Formscape, A Barents Exhibition. A Barents Travelling
                         Exhibition.  Oulo, Petrozavodsk, Luleå, Umeå, Bodø
2005               Summer Exhibition, Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
2005               Summer Exhibition, North Norwegian Artist Centre,
                         Svolvær,  Norway
2005               Smykker NÅ!, Kongsberg Art Association, Kongsberg,
2005               Opening Exhibition, New Expo Arte, Oslo, Norway
2004               Trienale 2004, North Norwegian Contemporary Art
                         Trienale, Kirkenes, Harstad, Svolvær, Norway
2004               At COLLECT with Velvet da Vinci, Victoria and Albert
                         Museum, London
2004               Nordic Cool- Hot Women Designers, National Museum of 
                         Women in The Arts, Washington DC
2004               Schmuck und Kunsthandwerk, Museum fur Kunsthandwerk,
                         Leipzig, Germany
2004               Trienale 2004, Jewellery - Metal - Wood, Norsk Kunstindustri-
                         Museum, Oslo
2003               Chess, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, International travelling
2003               30th Anniversary Show, Julie Artisans, New York
2003               Teapot redefined, Mobilia Gallery, SOFA, Chicago
2002               Arctic 5, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco
2002               Norway Day Festival, San Matteo, California
2002               Fish and Fashion, Norwegian presentation of design,
                         fashion and food
2002               Textile techniques in metal, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2002               Til minne om Aillohas, SDG, Karasjok
2001                The Vevring Exhibition, Vevring, Førde, Norway
2001                Rock, Paper, Scissors, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco
2001                Rana Art Association, Rana Museum, Mo i Rana, Norway
2000               Norway Day Festival, San Francisco
1999                The Art Festival of Northern Norway, FINN`s Gallery, Harstad
1999                Lier Art Association, Lier, Norway
1999                Body Jewelry, Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
1999                Åse Kleveland, Culture on the Agenda in year 2000,
                        Expo Arte, Oslo, Norway
1998               North-Norwegian Culture Festival, Sola Culture House, Sola
1998               Expo Arte, Oslo, Norway
1997               Norwegian Arts and Crafts, Expo Arte, Oslo, Norway
1997               Miniatures, Sami Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
1996               In Peder Balkes Footsteps, Peder Balke Centre, Østre Toten,
1995               The Barents Exhibition: Women in the North, Norwegian
                        Russian  Art Centre, Kirkenes, Norway
1994               Galleri Fjordheim, Olympic Games 1994, Biri, Norway
1993               North-Norwegian Contemporary Art, Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway
1992               Jewellery, The Art Festival in Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway 

Periodical Exhibitions

1995- 2009   Christmas Exhibitions, Electrum Gallery, London

Upcoming Exhibitions 2014
Juried Group Exhibitions:
Sami Contemporary          Rovaniemi Museum of Art, Finland
                                                Norrbotten Museum, Luleå, Sweden
                                                Sami Centre of Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway
Nordnorsken                       The North Norwegian Art Exhibition
                                                 A travelling Exhibition, Finnmark, Troms, Nordland

Soloexhibitions 2014  
Memory Kap Kanin            Narjan Mar, Nennets, Russia
Memory Kap Kanin + 
Memory Caucasus               Sami Centre of Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway        


Scholarships/ Grants

2013                Exhibition Grant, Norwegian Council of Culture
2012                 The Norwegian State`s Art Grant, + Diverse Grant
2011                 The Norwegian State`s 3 Year Work Grant; 2011-2013
2011                 Material Grant from SKFV
2010                The Sami Parlament`s Art Grant 2010, Travel/Study Grant
2008                Exhibition Grant from SDS
2007                Travel Grant and Project Support from Public Art Norway,
2007                3-year Work Grant from Finnmark County Council, 07-09
2006                The Norwegian State Art Grant, Materialgrant
2006                Exhibition Grant from The Norwegian Council of Culture
2005                Project Support from Finnmark County Council
2005                The Norwegian State Art Grant, Travel/Study Grant
2004                Project Support from Finnmark County Council
2004                Grant and Travel support from Cources for prof. artists
2003                Project Support from Finnmark County Council
2003                The Norwegian State Art Grant, Travel/ Study Grant
2003                 Travelling Scholarship, SKFV
2003                 Grant and travel support. Cources for prof. artists
2002                 Project Support from The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign
                           Affairs, Culture Section
2002                Project Support from The North Norwegian Council of
2002                The Norwegian State Art Grant, Material Grant
2001                Cultural Grant from Finnmark County Council
2001                Cultural Support from Finnmark County Council
2000               One Year Work Grant from SKFV
2000               Project Support from The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign
                         Affairs, Culture Section
2000               Project Support from The Norwegian American Cultural
                         Foundation, NAFV
2000              Project Support from Finnmark County Council
2000              Cultural Grant from Finnmark County Council
1999                Cultural Grant from Finnmark County Council
1999                Project Support from Finnmark County Council
1999                Material Grant from SDS
1998               The Norwegian States Art Grant
1998                Material Grant from SDS
1998                Project Support from Finnmark County Council
1998                Project Support from Sør-Varanger Municipality
1995                Øst-Finnmark Regional Council and Sparebank1
                         Nord-Norges Culture Grant

Purchases by  government / private institutions etc, selected

2013                  Sparebankstiftelsen
2012                  Riddu Duottar Museat (RDM)
2008                 The Sami Collection, RiddoDuottar Museat, Karasjok
2008                 The Art Museum of Northern Norway, Tromsø
2008                 The Norwegian Ministery of Foreign Affairs
The Art Museum of Northern Norway, Tromsø

2004                 The Norwegian Council of Culture
2001                  Øystre Slidre Primary School, Dokka
2001                  The Lillehammer Museum of art, Lillehammer
2001                  The Sami Parlament, Karasjok
1995                   Finnmark County Council, Kirkenes Hospital
                            Sølvberget, Finnmark County Council
                            The Elderly Centre, Kirkenes
1991                   Sør-Varanger Municipality, Langfjorden School
                            Kirkenes Legesenter, Kirkenes
                            Sør-Varanger Innvest
                            Vardø Utvikling, Vardø
1989                  Finnmark County Council


2003                 The Finnmark County Library, Vadsø

In Publications

2010                 Being A Part. Samisk Kunstnerforbund
2008                 Sami Art - A Contemporary Heritage? Samisk Kunstnersenter
2008                 Nordnorsk triennale 2008. Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter
2007                 Constructions, Contemporary Norwegian Arts and Crafts.
                           The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2006                Crocheted wire Jewelry. Arline M. Fisch, Lark Books
2005                500 Bracelets. Lark Books
2001                 Textile Techniques in Metal. Arline M. Fisch
2000                Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Jewellery, CD-ROM,
                          UCE Birmingham, England
1997/98          Design i sentrum. Norway Designs
1994                  Art and Art History, Kirsten Røvik Håberg,
                           Yrkesopplæring ANS

Study trips

2013                North West Russia, South Caucasus- Kars, Guymri Regions,
                          Istanbul (Bienial)
2012                Genk, Belgium (Manifesta)
2011                 Istanbul, London, Berlin, Venice, North-West Russia
2010                South Caucasus, Kars Region
2009                Istanbul
2008                Damaskus, Palmyra, Syria. Kars, turkish Caucasus.
                           Nennets Autonomous Okrog, Cap Kanin
2007                Turkish Caucasus, Tblisi Georgia
2006                Berlin, North West Russia, Moscow
2005                Turkish Caucasus and Istanbul
2005                North West Russia
2000                Sami areas in The Barents Region
1999                 Artist in Residence, San Diego State University, San Diego,
                         California, + study trip to New York and San Francisco
1993                 Rome, Italy


Other relevant tasks / jobs

2013                Reference group for evaluating Norwegian Council of Culture
From 2013     Board member NKNN
2013                 Art Consultant at The New Kirkenes Hospital
From 2011      In The Board of Public Art Norway (KORO)
From 2010     In The Board of SDS
From 2009     In The Art Consultant Register for Public Art
                           Norway (KORO)
From 1995      Many differents tasks for SDS
2008- 2011    In the Board of The Art Festival of Northern Norway
2007- 2010    In the project group and the jury for NKNN`s
                          regional Exhibition POTENSIAL
2006-2009     Art Consultant at The new Sami Science Centre in
2005- 2011    Member of The Board of NK
2002                 Art Consultant at Kirkenes High School
2001- 2005    Head of Board of The North Norwegian Artist Centre
                          in Svolvær, Lofoten
2001- ----      Work part-time, +- 50%, for Pikene på Broen AS, with
                          project developement/ management, as an advicer and
                          as a curator
1996- 2001     Member of the free group Pikene på Broen
1996                 One of the initiativtakers to Pikene på Broen