Inger Blix Kvammen grew up and still lives in the north-eastern corner of Norway, in a small mining town, an area steeped in Norwegian folklore, mythology and traditional needlework, a background that has been a rich source of inspiration to her... Her wonderful collection of jewellery, created with loving care and attention for detail, often contains such reference to Norwegian mythology, without destracting it from its totally contemporary context. The bold structures of her crochet bracelets and large collars fit easily round the wrist or neck like floating sculptures. Her woven chokers, earrings, and brooches, are light yet strong, elegant and easy to wear, stunning to look at, very different and special.

Barbara Cartlidge, 1998
Director Electrum Gallery, London

This was written by Barbara in 1998, and I still live at the same place. It is "far away" for many of you, but it is my centre! And from here I travel long distances. I still work with textile metal jewellery, but also with other objects, installations and photoes. I use old and new photoes in combination with the objects, and I use found materials of many kinds. I choose materials and techniques in relation to the story I want to tell. On this site you can see some of the work I have made during the years.

The web-site will be updated with new photoes, new work and new options the coming months. These days I am working with the results of my studytrips to Cape Kanin, and to Caucasus.