Being A Part
From the catalogue: Curator Jan-Erik Lundstrøm

The exhibition Being A Part, which in June 2009 premiered in Karasjok where it extended through four different venues and involved works of 26 artists, was initiated to observe and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Samisk Kunstnerforbund(SDS), the organization of Sami artists…..

Being A Part offers a layered and multifaceted path through these decisive and authoritative decades of Sami art, linking a close encounter with the early moments of SDS, especially its expansion and consolidation of contemporary Sami art practices, to emergent practices of recent years. The title is meant to underline a complex and composite belonging and relatedness….

…. Inger Blix Kvammens foundation is in the craft of metal jewellery. Her arresting necklaces/wreaths and bracelets, also combining tactility and visuality, are indeed wearable. But at the same time these adornments are delicate articulations of identity, of memory, of loss; again grafting craft and vernacular onto the thematic and aesthetics of contemporary art…