Sami art — a contemporary heritage?

I live in Hesseng, a bit outside Kirkenes, in a north-eastern corner of Norway. Thus, I work in a geographical borderland, in a hybrid zone close to the borders of Russia and Finland. I have largely drawn my inspiration from the area in which I live. Here, several ethnic groups and nationalities have lived together for generations. However, closed borders have, at times, made it impossible for the people of the area to have contact with each other. History and the meetings between the different cultures and traditions are a source of a variety of impressions and lead to new contemporary expressions.

This is the background of my art project, in which I work with wire made from silver, gold, copper and iron as if I was doing textile work. In addition, I collect photographs and objects to which people connect stories and memories; I also photograph my impressions when I travel in the region. Hopefully, this all results in jewellery, sculpture and installations. Some of my works of art turn out as commentaries to life here and to what I see as my roots.

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