Knitting and weaving in metal

The fact that I don`t come from a goldsmith background, has made me use techniques that I know from knitting, crochet-work and weaving. My limitation have forced me to find new solutions. These are the words of jewellery designer Inger Blix Kvammen from Kirkenes in the north of Norway. Drawing on her north-norwegian background, Kvammen has one foot in Norwegian mythology and the other in international jewellery design. With textile techniques such as knitting and different forms of traditional weaving, she makes her jewellery using materials such as gold, copper and oxidated silver. Her relationship with nature also inspires use of exotic materials such as skin from fish. The symbolic and the decorative go hand in hand in Inger Blix Kvammens art.

Kvammen is certain that her design would have been different had she not been living in the extreme north of Norway, surrounded by local mythology and tradition. After finishing a degree at the University of Bergen, she worked as an art teacher and studied art history. She spent some time as a trainee with a goldsmith. However, she consider herself self-taught, regarding it both as a strenght and as a weakness. In the early 80s Kvammen started exhibiting patchwork images. Later she tried to make necklaces from her cloth leftovers. Soon she began using metal and the time she had spent working with a goldsmith came in handy. After her first exhibition at a local cultural festival the snowball started rolling, and in 1995 she was invited to Electrums annual Christmas exhibition. Kvammen was mentioned as a «promising newcomer», and has participated every year since. Together with fellow Norwegian jewellery designers, Tone Vigeland and Toril Bjorg, she makes a strong contribution.

— At the moment I feel like making larger, more sculptural designs — body jewellery — and combine different materials, says Inger Blix Kvammen.

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