Jewellery — what`s it all about?

There is an old «psychological» word-game where you say a word to someone and ask them for an immediate reaction to the word «jewellery». A lot of people will come back with «decorative luxury». Few realise that in fact it is one of man`s oldest surviving artefacts. In one form of material or other, it plays a vital part in every civilisation as a serious possession. It is the supreme token of love and commitment, an emblem of status, a keepsake, a powerful amulet.

It doesn`t feed us or shelter us from the elements, but we all have some jewellery, however cheap or precious it may be. It is small size wise, but easily portable and hideable. We can relate to it especially when it has a personal connection signifying family or friend relationships, and eventually also historically gives ourselves a little touch of immortality.

This exhibition offers a look at some of the very important artist-jewellers during the last 40 years or so, famous for making unique pieces in highly individual, recognisable style and form. They are the pioneers of the post-war era in the 20th century, who are now recognised world-wide for their innovative ways with material that ranged from plastics and modest tiny beads to silver, gold and diamonds.

Nina Bukvic — Susan Cross — Alan Craxford — Arline Fisch — Bryan Illsley — Inger Blix Kvammen — Catherine Mannheim — Paul Preston — Wendy Ramshaw — Axel Russmeyer — David Watkins — Elena Votsi

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